The beer drinkers meet and greet

A Taste of Honey ??

I have many memories of big tins , they always were so oxidised they tasted of honey …

The best/worst one was after a particularly voluminous party the host woke us by hammering the empty party sevens flat . Mad recycling in 1974 !

Needless to say a lasting memory

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As a brewer I never had a six pack , more of a keg :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Alas no longer , health caught up with me

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I once got caught by the group QA manager on a trade visit. Big and strong I ordered a pint . It was disgusting, the wise old man made me finish it for my penance.

It would have been better sprinkled on chips :sob:


Likely to be off topic in an off topic thread but whatever :sunglasses:

Older British cars had Lucas electrics and were forever known as Lucas, the Prince of Darkness!

Likewise Italian cars had Veglia instruments in the dash…well Vague was very optimistic especially the fuel gauge!

Ok done before I have to self moderate again :innocent:


It’s also a very famous catch phrase from a well known English comedy program :wink:

Everyone norf ov landan knows that larger isn’t beer.


The CO2 content is higher in keg beer (and specifically controlled) and it’s dispensed by CO2 hence the flavour change.

In cask beer the CO2 Comes only from the primary fermentation and the secondary fermentation in cask. The smoothness is derived from that lower CO2.

The landlord has a tricky job in the cellar to get it just right . Google Stillages, Taps & Spiles :smiling_imp:

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Jacko - i’ll have half.
‘Love Thy Neighbour’ is one of those shows that nowadays…well, you know the rest.


Well finally…lol.

Found this in the fridge…no idea where it came from but will be sampling it later


The Blue Ribbon. Nice when cold. They charge around £6 a pint for that in my local. I prefer Stella if drinking lager in the pub.
At home I drink wine. Haven’t got into the (Ahem) real ale so far. Maybe when i’m a bit older :wink:.

‘Bishops finger’ anyone? :smiley:

Was in the local early evening for a well earned pint, after an afternoon of D.I.Y for a family member.

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Hmmmmm. Not my kind of beer.

It might not be mine either… I’ll let you know😇

You need to pair it up


Mighty cool glass!

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Someone got a wee bit upset with talk of “real ale” earlier.


Tonite’s selection. Ice cold, of course.


The “Bishop’s Middle Finger” as we used to call it. A few pints of that would have you on your ar5e. :laughing:


Experts know their stuff. Respect to Mike :sunglasses:. I like to hear all the background technical details. Question to @Mike_O_Neill. Are finings in beer vegetarian, or do they come from sea creatures, etc?

Being a London boy, but not a southern shandy drinking softie type, I grew up on cask ales from the likes of Fullers, Youngs, Wadworth, Ringwood, Shepherd Neame and the like. I do miss those immensely and alongside fish and chips, steak and kidney pudding, a full English breakfast with black pudding, these beers are always top-of-mind when I go back to Blighty.

In my teens, my favourite was Youngs. I used to drink in The Robin Hood in Sutton, South London. Even before being of legal age, I could walk in the pub at its most crowded on a Friday evening and be seen by Tom or Mary behind the bar as I came in the door; by the time I hung up my coat and turned to the bar, my light and bitter would be waiting. Good times.

Beer down in Oz is ok if you bypass the big brands that shove out tasteless, fizzy, yellow water. The craft scene here is buoyant. My small, country town has a great craft brewery and associated pub and a separate tap room too: