The blue circle on top right corner keeps circling

I’ve tried unplugging power and rebooting the Innuos Zenith mk3 but it still does it. Everything else in the network works just fine.

Surely appreciate any help and many thanks in advance!

Click on the spinning circle. It indicates how far along it is in analyzing all your tracks.

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Hi David,

Thank you for the reply and this is what it shows.


I believe this member had exactly same message / problem.
Maybe what worked for them could help you?

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Hi Kevin,

Thanks so much for the advice and not being computer literate at all, I’m really curious if it’s safe to change the dns?

Also, I’ve been using Roon for close to 4 years now but it only happens since last week. Really wonder why.


Please ignore…

Sorry that I might have said it wrongly…. Should read:

Thanks so much for the advice and for me not being computer literate at all, I’m really curious if it’s safe to change the DNS?

It is safe to change the DNS servers. DNS servers (Domain Name System) are like a phone book for internet addresses. You type in the hostname. and DNS looks up the ip address. If you are concerned, write down the current values before you change them. You’re being asked to try a different system as some work faster, support more queries, are physically closer . . .
Hope that helps a bit.

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Thanks Paul. Really appreciate your detailed explanation.

Changed to and problem solved.

Thanks so much guys!


Well, it’s doing it again today and I’ve tried also but without any success 🤦🏻🤦🏻🤦🏻

This will inevitably also happen when a Roon Core starts up up without an active license. Is it possible that you have more than one Core that you switch between? In any case, you should be good to go with a simple reboot of your active Core.

When I had this I on my ROCK is had to clear the entire Roon cache folder no messing with DNS or reboots made any difference.

After unplugging the Core for 24 hours, everything is fine again. So I figure this could well be an on again, off again issue going forward. :expressionless:

Thanks everyone!