The Breath - Roon not displaying all albums available in Qobuz or incorrect version grouping

Searching for albums by The Breath in roon does not return full discography available in Qobuz.

Hi Andy. When checking for all versions shown for each of the 2 main albums and 6 singles / EPs shown in Roon, I see a total of 13 versions in all, and they are the same as those presented to me on Qobuz (USA). Could it be the version grouping in Roon that throws you?

It could indeed, but I would dispute the versioning.

Agreed, looks somewhat odd. Somewhere on the scale between very clever and wrong I suppose? Probably towards either end :wink:

Hmmm, making Only Stories (Let The Cards Fall Revisited) as a version of Let The Cards Fall is, well, err, just plain wrong. It was the missing Let The Cards Fall which led me to post, I never even considered it could be thought to be a version of Only Stories … Probably posting in the wrong category though.

I moved the thread to the support category and tweaked the title so Roon staff will notice and can have a look.

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