The Charlatans / The Charlatans UK

The Charlatans / The Charlatans UK.

The bio describes the differences between the two bands, but then lists the ‘wrong one’ anyway !
See screenshot below.

Hi there - this doesn’t appear to have been fixed…? :wink:

Hi @rolski. Equivalence on the Roon end looks good here (apart from some TIDAL album confusion that we’re currently not able to resolve. So I suspect this is an incorrect artist attribution. Where are you clicking from to get that artist page?

I’m listening to Tellin’ Stories, from the album Tellin’ Stories (CD FLAC rip on my home network) and I clicked on (band) The Charlatans at the top of the screen.

Shows me exactly the image that I’ve posted above, plus it lists other albums that are also CD-FLAC rips of mine…see below…

…and this is where I started from when I noticed the problem…

Okay, thanks. Need to think about this one…

Am I being dim here or can you not just edit and remove “The Charlatan” and leave the UK one as the artist name.

Here is what I have: (can’t remember if I edited it though)


Our metadata provider has now changed the name to “The Charlatans”.

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