The Charlatans (wrong credits)

the Charlatans / Charlatans UK issue was raised here more than two years ago. On this album

the link (marked red) leads to the Charlatans UK which is not correct.

Please forward to your metadata provider(s)


Hi @papa.jay,

I just checked out metadata on this one and I’m not seeing the incorrect Charlatans linked here. It’s possible that there used to be an issue here that was resolved but not reflected in your library. I’d like to try importing this freshly and see if the same problem persists. Please see the steps below:

  1. Make a copy of this album outside of your watched folder
  2. Delete this album in Roon (note — this deletes the files, so make sure you have the copy mentioned in step 1)
  3. Move the copy you made in step 1 back to the watched folder for Roon

Let us know if you’re still seeing this after the fresh import.

hey @dylan,
I went through step 1-3. The result as follows:

clicking on the link on top leads to

which is ok.

clicking on the link on top of the tracklist leads to

which is wrong.

Thanks, @papa.jay — Can you share this album with us? You can upload the zipped album files here:

@dylan: done. zip file upload completed

Thanks, @papa.jay — I’ve passed the files to the team for investigation.

Hi @papa.jay,

We aren’t seeing this on our end even with the media. We are hoping you can provide the following information:

  • Which albums by the correct The Charlatans do you have in your library? Can you share a screenshot of these albums?
  • Which albums do you have by the incorrect The Charlatans? Can you share a screenshot of that as well?
  • Can you share a screenshot of the Credits screen for the album in question?


Only this one.

There are a few compilations containing tracks (or credits) by the correct and incorrect The Charlatans.

On the Liam Howlett compilation one of the credits is linked to the incorrect The Charlatans

None. Not in my local library and not favourited via Qobuz

Thanks for the details, @papa.jay — We are continuing to look into this.