The Coffee (and tea!) thread - and you thought audiophiles were finicky :-)

Roon Ready? Very nice setup there…

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Yes it is, ECM Technika V. Good eye on the tamper you are correct again.

Looking closer at the pix I need to clean up some water spots on the ECM and coffee spots on the knock box. Check out Just Coffee Coop. Great coffee top to bottom. I really like Electric Monkey, Wake the Dead and Bike Fuel.

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I have been using just coffee co-op for a while with Majority Report code 10% off. But I just found Dean’s Beans on this thread.It’s close to half the price and have tried two roasts and I’m very happy at $10 a pound for fresh roasted beans.
$6 shipping

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That is too funny. I used that Majority Report code for probably 2 years before it quit working. Even worked with other discounts.

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll give Dean’s a look

I used the MJR code a month ago.
I’m a huge fan of the YouTube show and have been aware of Sam Sedar since his days at Air America.

Just ordered one of these to get some wastage issues dealt with on my existing grinder.

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Oh dear. I shouldn’t read this thread. Now I can’t decide whether to buy a new espresso machine or a new amplifier…


Maybe we need to redefine what an all-in-one system is. Streamer, DAC, amplifier, espresso. Are you listening Naim, Linn, GoldNote, Marantz et al.

I know the answer to this one, both, obviously!

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I dumped several kilos of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee my husband was given as a visiting dignitary. I had no idea how expensive they were. But we didn’t like them so…I suppose I could have ebayed them! I wouldn’t go there. John wasn’t allowed anywhere without armed bodyguards.

My favourite two at the moment are Nespresso Kazaar and beans Aromistico Napoli Dark Roast blend only available mail order via Amazon. Not in shops. Excellent strong taste. I like most tings stong tasting because my taste is affected either by my diseases or drugs. I have a Pepsi Max on the go constantly or spring water flavoured with fruit cordial or ready flavoured,. All sugar free.

For years, my wife and I enjoyed our morning coffee made with a highly regarded Technivorm Moccamaster. Then, recently, when visiting friends (when that was still possible), we tasted coffee (Americano and espresso) from their Breville Oracle espresso maker. We were blown away by the improvement! When we returned home, we immediately ordered a Breville Barista Touch and have become converts. Not only is the coffee superior, but I enjoy the ritual of making morning coffee for both my wife and me much more than I used to.

We still enjoy our whole bean coffee from Peets (shipped monthly from California): Garuda Blend, Arabian Mocha Java, and Uzuri African Blend.

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It took a while to find it here in England as it goes under the name Sage. It certainly looks like a good machine. Will have to wait for our present De Longhi to die first.

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I am probably suffering from Covid-19. Taste and smell are lost. I miss the smell from freshly grounded beans and that juicy coffee taste. It’s frustrating.

Ah, I had exactly the same. :frowning: After the fever went away it took about 4 more weeks for my taste and smell to return.

We cannot be sure but when my husband and I came out of the Royal Papworth at the end of February we both were soon after unwell. (It’s a specialist Respiratory ward and John is always booked in with as my carer-saves them leaving a nurse with me 24/7.)

I had more than my usual hot flushes, several a day, had to take my anti puke med a couple of times daily and I had the occasional dry cough. I mentioned the cough to John as i was concerned he might get a chest bug as his COPD is quite advanced. He had already noticed.

Now i take paracetamol and morphine 24/7. The first takes my temp down and the second suppresses coughing. I became seriously ill in 2017 with. chest infection which I was unaware of until I couldn’t breathe because of the drugs that suppressed all the symptoms.

During the same period I slept a lot but so did John. He felt dreadful and kept going to bed during the day. in our 40 years I have never known him go to bed during the day.

Our GP thinks it is likely we both had and considering we are both high risk, we are very lucky, assuming we did have it.

If only we could easily get the anti-body test.

PS: John made me a double shot flat white with one Intenso Dark Arabica and one Intenso dark Robusta. It was heavenly.

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Hopefully you’ll get the opportunity to take the anti-body test soon now. I had a bout of flu-like symptons end Jan / early Feb that took longer to shake off than normal. And I’m not high risk like you. Main thing is we’re still ‘above ground’ as my dad still says. That’s my dad who’s in a care home with a host of things that mean he’s mega high risk. His advanced dementia means he hasn’t a bloody clue though - small mercies, silver lining and all that. Take care, and enjoy the coffee!

I’m quite hot on seeing the positive. I get annoyed when people moan about their age. I always remind them of the alternative and the fact that many don’t egt 5days, 5yrs, 15, etc. I have reached 61, amazingly to me, and I am very happy and content. It’s been a rough ride but I made it and now get to reap the rewards of my hard work and the love and support of others.

I mean brain damage, heart disease, neurological disease, bone disease, bi-polar disorder. I am very lucky to be here and to be happy(NOT manic!). I used to be homeless on the streets of Soho and now live very well, own my own home outright.


When a 17 year old my dream was a Technics outfit with a reel to reel. Who knew then what would be around now. I recall worrying about the shortage of silver and what it could mean to photography. Now I do all my photography and editing myself digitally.

Even our bean to cup and Nespresso were not dreamed of. And I certain ly didn’t ever dream of marriage. It was enough to stay out of jail.

I often think dementia is possibly a good thing for the ‘sufferer’. We can only hope so.

I spent much of my life hoping to not wake each morning. Now I can’t wait to wake. But I still hope to die in my sleep but not till I am 90 at least as long as I can still cope with 24/7pain and don’t become totally dependent permanently. I have periods of that and I detest it.

Rattling on as usual. Goodnight.

kind regards


Hang in there guys…enjoy every day, hitting 60 in 2 weeks time myself. As a little birthday present to myself I got a nice near zero retention grinder, a Niche Zero. Can google for the lowdown :wink: or scroll back up so excited I forgot I posted a link and YT a few days back DOH

Now I need a pour over kettle hahahaha when does it stop.

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The Niche is fantastic, you’re going to absolutely love it. Quiet, fast enough, grind is more than good enough for anything you’d want to throw at it (including Rao Blooming shots, which are super difficult on the grinder because you need to hit a fairly finnicky point of “very fine”) and probably endgame short of spending exotic hifi-level money on a grinder :stuck_out_tongue: .