The Coffee (and tea!) thread - and you thought audiophiles were finicky :-)

Intazza Sumatra Mandheling pour-over

Very smooth tasting coffee.


Morning cappuccino. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Evening Coffee Time …


Nice coffee mug…

I have one very similar to it.

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Coffee game

This game from Hasbean looks interesting to say the least. Even if it is a bit expensive

If you were gonna get an inexpensive coffee maker for your kid who will (in theory) be going off to college in the fall, what would you recommend?

At home, we have a Miele countertop coffee system that grinds beans for each cup, so he’s used to relatively good coffee.

But he doesn’t need this feature, as he’ll likely just get ground beans at the local roaster. (Probably best if he doesn’t have to grind beans in the dorm room.)

He doesn’t want a pod-type unit, like Nespresso/Keurig. He knows better.

Sure, we can get a basic drip Melitta/Mr. Coffee/Krups thing, but just thought you guys might have an opinion on a “value priced” machine that would be better than those.

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Clever Dripper - see here.

Inexpensive (even the paper filters are cheap). And makes lovely coffee. I have a Gaggia machine sitting on the side but use the dripper all the time. It is best with freshly ground though i have to say. Again a basic burr grinder needn’t cost a fortune though ($60 I’d guess - I’m in the UK). And he can always turn the music up to drown the noise out :slight_smile:


thanks, I thought about that kind of thing. Simple cone into a carafe. Easy peasy.

yeah, we do have one of these manual grinders, so that can always work…

I too use a clever dripper from time to time for pour over duty, but I am an espresso fiend normally so am pulling shots.

Rancillio Silvia is a great little machine but now so many options in that space like lelit to consider

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I use an expresso blend and make coffee with it. Grind the beans a bit coarser and do pourovers. It’s pretty tasty.

I have an opinion!

Cheap espresso machines are generally unreliable and make a poor facsimile of a proper espresso, so no, I don’t believe that they will make better coffee that a decent drip or Aeropress.

Maybe a student lifestyle is different where you are (from where I am in the UK) but if your kid just wants to make great coffee for one, I’d just send them off with an Aeropress. Tiny, portable, cheap, unbreakable and capable of great coffee if you buy great coffee. If they want to make coffee for 2+ people, then a V60 drip which can be had with flask if required.

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have the same issue, kid wants to be able to make lattes, cappuccinos, so need an espresso machine/steamer.

bought a refurb iperespresso machine, and it’s not horrible, but also not super reliable, and the capsules don’t fit in the woke environmentalist campus culture.

are there other reasonable options?

Wow, affluenza is a thing.


I didn’t even go to college and never new much more than instant. But I did still have a HIFI setup.

Kids are so spoilt these days but hey why not make him do the homework and justify the cost based on his desires and needs.

guys, this was a $79 machine, given as a christmas present. crapped out after six months.

i have LPs that cost more.

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Define “reasonable”.

The ability to make good espresso based drinks is not a cheap hobby. Keep in mind that the machines in your local coffee shop cost 1000’s and require training to use. Making good espresso-based coffee is like hi-fi and requires time, commitment, passion and money. You can 't buy an espresso machine and just buy pre-ground coffee and hope to get decent results. You need a grinder (and good quality, freshly roasted beans) to “dial in” the grind to get the right extraction. Otherwise, the coffee comes out too fast or too slow and you end up with horrible coffee.

Then you have to clean, back flush and descale the machine, all of which require various “bits and bobs” to maintain the equipment properly.

Something like the Rancillio Silvia machine and Rocky grinder (a popular combo that I have) are more or less the starting point for decent espresso coffee making.

If a capsule machine is uncool (which I agree with), then there are apparently some “ok” all in one “bean to cup” machines available but a good one is not cheap and they are probably not easy to get repaired if something goes wrong.

But otherwise, for kids starting out in life, they should stick to an Aeropress or drip, spend the money on the best quality coffee they can get (it’s all about the beans) and when they feel the urge for an espresso based drink, visit their local coffee shop where it can be make properly.


I had a rocky and Silvia combo for 10 years and on sold it to a friend who is still using 3 years later. I PID’d it about 4 years after I got it. Great starter machine. Lots of small machines in this space now.

Beans and grind are like the music source…get that right and you can start to look at the rest.

Totally agree @John_Mason. If you really want him to appreciate coffee an aeropress is not a bad place to start for a student.

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You can spend a ton on coffee wares. It a hobby, just like this one.

she wants to appreciate steamed milk.

with a reasonable facsimile of espresso to pour the steamed mile into.