The dark side of the moon

Hi. First post here…
Why is Dimebag Darrel listed in the credits of The Dark Side of the Moon? Why?

Probably a typo at source , the metadata sources are not foolproof

I was listening a 1972 album the other day with Joe Bonamassa at age MINUS 5 , he was very good

I’ve sent TiVo emails about these errors, both of which are unacceptable. I’ve made my feelings clear to them and can only extend my apologies for this rubbish, which I find very embarrassing.

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Well, you asserted my next question… how can we fix this. Maybe it would be nice to have a crowd sourced data opinion in addition to TiVo,or maybe that would be a mess.

If you search the forum you will find endless threads on metadata. From options for other sources or crowdsourcing to tasking Roon with fixing the internet.

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Both of these issues should now be fixed.

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