"The Definitive Guide to ROCK"

Chris Connaker (@ComputerAudiophile) recently posted a lengthly article fully detailing the initial setup of a ROCK system. This article includes detailed instructions about hardware, BIOS updating, and ROCK installation (including some videos). Fundamentally, the information content is no different that in the Roon KB, but this article may be rather more approachable for DIY neophytes.


Do they need / Should they take permission from RoonLabs? Or maybe not. This will help people like me and also may get more on board into Roon Community.

Helpful link!

I wouldn’t think permission is needed any more than the case of users creating helpful how-to posts on this forum. A significant component of support on this forum comes from users helping other users (with excellent engagement from the Roon team to sort out the thornier issues).

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Chris Connaker and the Roon guys are pals. Anything to clarify and to help the good of the order would be welcomed.