The end of HiFi World magazine

This might not be there last specialist magazine to call or a day, challenging times


With so much specialist information/forums (in all subjects) available online I am surprised there are any ‘bookstand’ magazines left at all. As for ‘…scooted off in its own direction…’, my recollection of the magazine is it scooted off in exactly the same direction as the rest of them, into turntables and valve amps.

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I remember HifiWorld has always been more into valve amps and record players. It’s just that the other magazines started to become more like HifiWorld.
HifiWorld could be very positive about the hobby and was a bit more realistic about what one could expect when buying an expensive cable or any other high end tweak. So it’s a pity that this magazine ends and other advertisement-glossy’s stay.

But the days of blind grouptests and technical info and advice are long gone.

All the experts work for free on here now anyway. Shame none of them can agree.

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