The "filter by tag" dialog doesn't stay open on iPad [Solved]

The “tag” button near the top of the album browser, to the right of the Focus and Heart buttons, doesn’t bring up the Tag selection dialog, on the iPad (works fine on Windows). On finger touch down, nothing happens. On finger up, the dialog briefly flashes and disappears.

Oops, just discovered a twist.
The behavior was as I described. Then I pressed and held the button, and then the dialog stayed up. After this, a quick touch on the button worked as it should.
Closed the app. After restarting, this behavior came back: initially it didn’t work on a quich touch, press and hold brought it up, and after that it worked normally.
Repeatable on a second iPad.

Hi @AndersVinberg,

Wasn’t able to reproduce this on my MIni 3. What type of iPads are you using ?

@andybob I don’t know. How can I tell? Doesn’t say anywhere.

The big one was named “Anders iPad retina 2”, that’s a hint. Running iOS 8.4.
The little one I think is an early mini, running 8.4 as well.

That’s fine, thanks. Does it continue to happen after a hard reset ? (Press side and front buttons together for 3s, wait 5s, press front button)

Hmm. Slightly different behavior: the first touch didn’t work, but the second touch did, didn’t need a long press.

As so often when dealing with software bugs, I think that if somebody would write up this behavior as a spec, the programmer would say, that’s impossible.

Ha ! That’s very true. Just checking at the moment if this was within a forthcoming fix. Will keep you advised.

@andybob Running iPad build 57, server build 69, and the blink-away behavior is there and now I can’t get around it with a long press.

I’ll upgrade the iPad and see if it goes away.

Thanks Anders, Build 69 beat me to it !

The iPad build 65 has been delayed. By all means try updating to iOS 9. If that doesn’t fix things we will notify a dev and do some more investigating.

@andybob Yep, iOS 9.1 fixed it.

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