The Firm - Bio Photo & Links Incorrect


just tidying up my Bad Company CDs and I clicked on a link to Paul Rodgers and eventually, The Firm. First of all, I’m not sure who the person featured in the Bio photo is but it isn’t The Firm.

The bio itself contains a few linking errors and omissions:

Clicking on Tony Franklin or Chris Slade actually takes you to their bios with a picture of The Firm. Not really appropriate as they are solo Bios.

In the last sentence of the Firm bio, clicking on ‘Franklin’ takes you to Aretha Franklin and clicking on ‘Slade’ takes you to, you guessed it, the UK group Slade.


Hi Tony. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. As it happens, we did confuse two supergroups both called “The Firm” (TIDAL has all of their albums under a single artist ID). I’ve made an edit which should hit your library within a week.

However, I’m not sure about the picture and have asked Rovi for clarification!


The guy in the pic is Dave Grusin

Thanks Evan; I think I know the source of the bad meta…