The 'Focus' feature with logical operators

I’m more or less new to Roon and its concept of organising the library. As such I would be very thankful if somebody can explain how on earth I can do a focus search by using the OR, AND and NOT operators? For example, I have tags for instruments (e.g. piano, acoustic guitar, etc.). Now what I need Roon to do is to focus on tracks that contain only piano AND acoustic guitar tags. I don’t know how to do it. When I select the mentioned tags it shows me piano OR acoustic guitar… I know how to add NOT (by clicking the selected tag label again) but I don’t know how to add AND. Roon always assumes I want OR when selecting multiple tags. Could anybody help with this please?

Sorry it is not possible right now, see this feature request, feel free to post in it to add weight to the request.

D’oh! Thanks, Carl, for the quick and disappointing confirmation. I’ll definitely do as you suggested.