The focus filter function is slow

The area is running slowly and blocking results are displayed.
Very slow, for example, when enabled, with keyword filtering, it takes a few seconds to run very slowly.

I have 38K albums, not too little, but not too much.
The conditional query itself is fast. Yes The complexity of a single query is high, and the return is slow, blocking the UI.
This region is an association condition, but it does not have to be unique in real time. In fact, we’re not completely in sync with the results.

This region can be considered as segmented parallel asynchronous loading,
Whenever first priority results are shown, not associated conditions.

Consider a development implementation of a slightly larger library.

Wow, that’s quite a library. 38k albums is at the 99.7th percentile of library size for our users.


Thank you for your attention.

It’s not a small number of albums, but it’s not a huge number. I’ve seen 1,500,000 Tracks in the community.

So as the Roon user base grows, there will be some large library users,
Consider the relevant experience of these users.