The future of Audio? TNT-Audio article- food for thought

Makes some interesting points. Comments?

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It’s a fair analysis. The key to ease of use starts with hardware IMHO, which is why Roon is (for me at least) the very best solution. There are many limitations with Apple, Spotify, Amazon in this regard (yes lots of devices have Spotify connect, but that can be accessed from outside your network, with potentially devastating consequences so is a big fail from my point of view). With Roon I can access my local files and integrate an excellent streaming service (Tidal) and control playback from a variety of devices (almost always a MacBook Pro). I can also customize the metadata to my liking. Priorities are obviously different if your use case is predominantly whilst on the go/outside your network.

This article is more about the various formats, but very thorough especially for those who lack knowledge of the differences.

The 5% for YouTube must be their paid subscribers, as in total the account for over 50% of all streaming. Most people are like me, and do YouTube for free.