The Future of Networking

I just ran across this interesting article

And that should guarantee Roon reliability for those prepared to go 400Gb Ethernet end to end… (Tongue firmly in cheek)

It’s really a serious data center and cloud play.
I bet 95% of us on the forums are 1GB end to end, with the big NAS guys having 10Gb on their end. I imagine even most SME are only 10Gb in the server rack even now as the cost of upgrading cable’s is so prohibitive. We tend to have a 10Gb backbone, and 10Gb to the switches and then 1Gb to the desktop.

I do enjoy following these upgrade cycles though, it’s always funny people wanting to buy this year and then finding out that the fiber connector they need per Port costs more than the 48 Port switches that they currently buy.

It would also be interesting to know who runs a 10Gb network end to end at home?

Speak for yourself :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Out in the Rest of the World, technology is way behind. I use a 20 Mb fibre line , the best I could have got at the time was 100 but that was ridiculously expensive,

Roon and Netflix run without a blip, why have more, most websites don’t even tax 20 Mb

Am I missing something

Best seems in the 30s

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Heck, in parts of the U.S. it’s way behind.

Copy that. Also audio streaming will not drive this to connect home routers. Maybe some crazy future 8K virtual reality offering by the porn industry will. Surprisingly it’s often these guys to push technical innovations. Don’t ask me why :see_no_evil:


Mike 20Mbs is plenty for streaming anything Audio wise and most video as well if not completing with multiple other people.

Thie photo below was the new work firewall I set up Friday night, it’s a serious beast, but covers hundreds of users. That’s the use for 10Gb networks (not 100Gb or 400Gb), and certainly not home networking.

The firewall it replaced could only deliver about 550Mbs over the same link even though it cost many thousands 7 years ago, because 1Gb was not thought likely then.
This was done with a simple USB C dock Ethernet, hence the lower upload speed.