The Gentleman Losers

Tidal artist The Gentleman Losers and Gentlemen Losers should be concatentated into The Gentleman Losers. They are the same band.

This is really messed up now. The album and Artist edits I made locally in Roon were unilaterally removed, presumably because of some server side metadata changes by the provider.

Seems there are now three bands, all with unique internal identifiers:
The Gentlemen Losers
Gentlemen Losers
Gentlemen Losers

Worse than it was before.

Hi @anon55914447. We’ve reached out to TiVo to get this corrected and will update you when it’s been done. Thanks for the report.

TiVo have merged the one correct artist and two incorrect duplicates. The updated metadata should be pulled into your library within a week.

Thanks Joel :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Actually, some advice please. Should I revert all my local edits in lieu of the change? I’m never quite sure what to do.

Hi @anon55914447. That would be my approach to keep things cleaner. If there are still issues in a week or so let me know.

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