The Host - is this a "Rooned" music server?

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According to the latest press release from Clones Audio -!product/prd1/4539118381/the-host - the new Host is a music server which runs Roon Core and has an audiophile USB output. Do you think it’s possible to connect it directly to the Devialet 200’s DAC or do I need some Roon Ready bridge working as an EndPoint…?

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Hi @Ze_Pedro_Sousa,

Don’t know the answer to the Devialet question sorry, others with Devialet experience will be able to answer.

Do you know what processor this unit has ? I couldn’t find a spec sheet. The processor can be a limiting factor depending on library size. Danny has referred a number of times to the advantages of having an i3/i5 for a Roon Server Core.

Nowhere does it say “audiophile USB output”. It’s says “high performance” which could easily be about bandwidth and not quality.

Actually, I was just trying to understand if you still need a Roon EndPoint (such as the Sonore microRendu) when you have a music server (running Roon Core) with USB audio outputs…

It depends what you mean by “need”. An endpoint is not necessary in that you can connect a DAC to the Core via such USB output. Depending on how noisy the server is, however, you may find that isolating the server from the DAC by using an endpoint like the mR gives better SQ.

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Thanks Andrew, now I got it :wink:

I really like the idea of a “Rooned” music server connected to a USB DAC. Aurender hasn’t done this yet, let’s see (and listen) if Clones Audio has something special to show…

Personally I wouldn’t buy a server without knowing the CPU spec, it can be limiting (a Celeron starts to cough at about 17,000 tracks) and end up costing more to replace than going with a robust solution at the outset.

It is an Intel Pentium J3710 based of the shot of the motherboard.

They actually do call it an Audiophile USB Output on the product page for the SHAAR:

The SHAAR is an audiophile grade PCIe to USB audio gateway. Ultra low noise regulators for digital chips, clock, USB power. Power input noise filters. Extreme low noise master clock module with the precision 1ppm TCXO.

This comparison between an I3-4150 and the J3710 is interesting.

On a number of occasions @danny has said that an i3/i5 is the way to go. Let’s see if this chip changes his mind.

The J3710 is comparable to a 5th gen i3 (the latest being 6th gen).

The Clones server is really nice looking.