The itch that cannot be scratched

Hi Paul,
I was considering an Mscaler to go with the TT2, and TBH it’s still a ‘mild itch’ at the mo’ :woozy_face:
However, when I approached the dealer whom I bought the TT2 from about this, I got the following reply:

‘The M-Scaler definitely does improve things with the Hugo TT2 and is a worthwhile upgrade but, if I am totally honest, you may not notice as much improvement as you did from your old Hugo TT to the new one. The advantage it brings does vary according to the source material, lower resolution digital signals will sound significantly better via the M-Scaler but stuff that is already high-res benefits slightly less. It always helps by giving the Hugo TT2 a constant signal at the same resolution which is better for the DAC inside the Hugo TT2.
It is one of those things where you really need to hear it within the context of your own system to tell whether or not you think it is worth the cost.’

I thought that was a very honest response, rather than just giving me a hard-sell on the Mscaler. Much of my source material is High-Res, so I have held-out from buying an Mscaler at the mo’. But if I do decide to buy one, I’ll definitely be going back to the dealer I bought my TT2 from.

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I’m anxious for a new release because 1.6 causes my Acer Intel i5 laptop to freeze after a half hour or so. The previous version didn’t. I suspect it’s a combination of Roon and Windows updates, so I’ve moved the core to another machine until I can test a new version. No big deal, but definitely odd. If the problem persists with a new version I’ll be in touch with Roon support.

I find myself going to the About section in Roon from time to time to verify I have the latest version :slight_smile:
And all you TT2 owners - you make my Hugo2 look pretty miserable right now!

Hugo 2 is an excellent DAC :+1:

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Most of my collection is 16/24bit 44.1khz and that true for most of the music available. It wont be until next year now but I will certainly be taking an Mscaler home for testing at some point.

I recently splurged and bought a Trinnov Altitude 16. You truly don’t know what you are missing!


I know I’m not missing a lot of what’s already not in my bank account :joy:

I get it. But I must honestly say that the difference in sound is beyond belief. I had bought a NAD M17 v2, which was very impressive, but this is beyond anything I’ve heard. The room correction is simply not anything I could have imagined. And Roon works flawlessly. I can’t believe my wife let me do it but it is the most involving musical experience I’ve ever heard. I am lucky!

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How does your wife feel about polygamy ? :grinning:

Im not even having UHD or 4K video options at this time but probably cant avoid it for replacing my Plasma and PJ when the time comes.

I’ve got trade up options with 2 Emotiva XMC-1’s to go XMC-2 or RMC-1/L for not too much investment, (US$1-3K plus shipping) and was also looking optionally at Lyngdorf MP50, Storm Audio or AudioControl perhaps…Trinnov being a little more up the $$$ scale than the last 3 I think.

At least there are starting to be more serious contenders out there in the Atmos and DTS-X space

My new toy I hope will ship to me soon too Smythe Research A16

I’ve scratched an itch that I forgot I had.:smiley:
My Realiser A16 was delivered on 29th Oct, just over 3 years after I backed it on kickstarter.:clap:

Thanks for the compliments! The cabinet is made by BDI. A friend of mine in England has a BDI cabinet so they are available in Europe. Here is a link to the company’s website for media cabinets. They are really quite nice. I purchased mine from a local furniture store. The speakers are spectacular and I really enjoy playing them with my Roon front end.

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