The Kreuzchor Dresden has hijacked my Mendelssohn

I observe something very strange at the moment… The famous Dresden Boys Choir, the Kreuzchor has become a composer in my library. I do not have it as composer in any of my file tags

On Album level my composer is still good old Felix

On Track level, Felix is gone and the Kreuzchor has taken over…

Anybody an idea how this could have happened???

@support Help!

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As I have that same Hyperion recording in my collection, I quickly checked, but over here Felix still reigns supreme. Kreuzchor nowhere to be seen.

Very strange…

NB:Just a thought, have you checked wether on the Edit page of Kreuzchor the „Is classical composer“ indicator is accidentally set to „Yes“ ? I think I had something like that happen before.

where do I find this setting?

Strange thing, I did not maintain anything in Roon concerning the Kreuzchor lately, nor did I import a new album with them as performers.

“Edit…” on Artist, then scroll down a bit until you find that “Is classical Composer?” dialog.

But you have them in your library? If not, you won’t see that “Edit…” button.

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I do have them in my library, yes. But they are not defined as Composer

Mmmm… the only other idea I have is to check if Kreuzchor and Mendelssohn got accidentally merged.

You could check in Settings> Library:> Unmerge Artists and see whether anything shows up there. Other than that I am out of ideas :thinking:

nothing to unmerge… But thanks a lot anyway.

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I have the same issue in my library, the Dresden Kreuzchor is not marked as a composer. In all my files the composer tag is “Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy”.
Sometimes roon matches with “Felix Mendelssohn” and “Dresden Kreuzchor”, sometimes only with “Dresden Kreuzchor”. Even after manually linking to “Felix Mendelssohn” the Kreuzchor is assigned. Is there any idea, how to resolve this?

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Hi @Thomas_Reimer. Please see: