The latest Roon update is crashing

I have my music on a Vortexbox and use a Sonic Transporter I5 as a core. The latest upgrade for my remote control on Mac Boook Pro (Mojave) and iPad crash immediately on opening.
Please help.

Hello @Jeffrey_Clayton,

Can you try reinstalling the iPad app to see if that helps? Also, how is the crash happening, does it happen as soon as you open the Roon app on the iPad or does it happen when you click something or try to play back a radio station?


Hello Noris,
Thanks for the response. I reinstalled the Roon on the ipad with no improvement.
I then restarted the Transporter and reopened the remotes and everything is fine so far.
Thanks again,

Thanks for letting me know @Jeffrey_Clayton,

If you experience any other issue don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

– Noris