The Link by Stack Audio as Roon Endpoint?

(Lars Bäcklund) #1

Let us know if (when?) this streamer completes testing and is accepted as a Roon endpoint!

DarkoAudio mentioned this recently announced Volumio-based streamer (Ethernet or USB or Bluetooth in, USB out).

Design input from John Westlake (famous for Pro-ject StreamBox S2 Ultra and well-received products from Peachtree and Audiolab).

Shipping late January/early February? Pre-orders £695. Read more about how they try to reduce electrical noise, jitter, and susceptibility to vibration!


@Lars_Backlund are you aware if the manufacturer offers an in home trial period? Products such as this should really warrant a trial period of 30 days for the consumer. Shiit does this. If the consumer chooses to return the unit there is a small restocking fee. Thats alot of clams to shell out to not hear the product in advance without a guarantee to return if not satisfied.


A little discussion here.

(Lars Bäcklund) #4

Yes, the Preorder page states that there is a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Theo Stack will bump that piece of information to the main Link page.
I hope that no one will exploit this just in order to satisfy idle curiosity.


Fantastic, thanks @Lars_Backlund. I agree with you on the exploitation. Looks like a wonderful product and really like who had his hands in it for design. I do own the Pro-Ject S2 digital and absolutely love it. Looks as though The Link would be a great pairing in my setup.

(Ari Einarsson) #6

I have had the Link now for a few days. It works fine as an ROON endpoint with RAAT, although it lists as ‘Uncertified’. The look and build is great. Massive aluminium ‘block’ around the electronic’s gives the impression of a completely vibration free and ‘sturdy’ construction. Sound wise it’s early days, but it’s clearly an improvement over my Bluesound Node 2 (as a streamer to an external dac). Full MQA (pass through) and DSD256.