The many problems on the Artist page

Finding, sorting, and playing things from the Artist page is often difficult. These can mostly be overcome by using Focus in the “My Albums” or “My Tracks” pages, but that is clunky and we should be able to have these features below on directly the Artist page:

  1. Please put a counter on the “Albums in my Library” header.

  2. We need to be able to Focus on “Albums in my Library”. I want to be able to find Live, Compilations, Formats, etc. You can go to Discography and use Focus there, but that section will only show one instance of a given album, not all the various versions you might have. And looking at the Versions tab does not always show everything you have either for some strange reason.

  3. Need to show Bootlegs in the “Albums in my Library”. For some reason, they do not show up there. You need to go to “Discography”, and then they are in a separate section below.

  4. Compilations do not always show up in “Albums in my Library”. They are usually there when you first go to the page, but then they sometimes magically disappear after a few minutes.

  5. There is no sort logic for the “More from my Library” section. There is no sort option, and the items appear randomly instead of at least by release year. This is really annoying when you have a lot of singles and EPs for instance.

  6. The “Popular” section should be optional. I would rather have it display the tracks in my library I have selected as Favorites (which is what it was in 1.7).

  7. In the “Play Now” button under the Artist name, there should be a selection to “Play my Favorites” which would shuffle play just the tracks you have selected as Favorites.

Good idea!

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