The Meta Collection - Misidentified As Henry Purcell

searching for Jah Wobble in my Roon library led to the fascinating discovery that he had played on an album of Henry Purcell music…

Or not as it turned out. The actual album in the library is this one:

and the metadata in the CD rip looks OK to me.

What Roon actually shows is this cover with incorrect identification; but the tracks are all correctly identified below for the Meta Collection.

Odd thing is I cannot find The Meta Collection by searching for it, only by linking through Jah Wobble or searching for Henry Purcell.
If I Edit the album it shows two versions, one is the correct Henry Purcell CD (which of course does not match as the tracks are all different) and the other is the one Roon matches, with correct tracks but incorrect cover art, album and artist.


Hi Tony,

For some reason, Rovi/TiVo has the same “unique” product code for one of its Don Quijote releases as the MusicBrainz and TIDAL releases of The Meta Collection; as a result, we’re merging these two albums.

I’ve queried this with Rovi, but in the interim have made an edit to split these albums. It should sort itself out within a week if you do nothing.

Hi Joel,

thanks for looking into this so quickly. I thought it must be something like that given the two different versions that come up in Edit to choose from.