The mobile app does not connect to core

Roon Core Machine

Windows 10 home

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Wifi no vpn

Connected Audio Devices

USB to dac

Number of Tracks in Library

0, use tidal

Description of Issue

They are incompatible because your Core is running a Production build, and your iPhone is running an Early Access build.

Your Core and all your devices need to be either set to run Early Access, or all set to run Production builds. You can’t mix them.

You need to decide what build you want, either Early Access or Production.

Please read this article, it continues the steps you need to follow to get all your devices and the Core to your chosen state.

How can I update my mobile to normal version ( not early access )?

Leave the Beta tester program - look for Roon Remote in the Play Store, and when you open its Store page, you should see that you are running Roon Remote (Beta) - scroll down the page and leave the Beta program…

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