The moderators are just doing their jobs...but

So it’s a necessary evil for Roon. We’re in agreement there, except the necessary part although I don’t know what percentage of Roon’s business/profit comes from MQA.

I don’t think most customers, your average Tidal consumer, who think they are pro-MQA are really for it, it’s just that they have heard it’s supposed to be good and their DAC supports it so they figure why not use it. Most of them lack understanding of what it even does, and doesn’t do. They just hear the word ‘master’ and think it must be better. This is basically MQA’s whole M.O.

Even though I’m in the anti-MQA camp, it seems that if I gauge things by who gets away with the most made up “facts”, my side is winning. At least the MQA side usually sticks to the MQA stand / story…which I personally don’t buy. But, we can’t prove them right or wrong, as it’s a closed system. It’s a tough job trying to moderate well, but by and large, I think it’s at least being done with an even hand, no matter where Roon’s heart lies.


Unfortunately, that, in essence, quite often takes the humor out of context, and it becomes un-humourous. Imho.


Do you not think that your view is just a little condescending?

I could equally say that the the majority of those who proclaim that “MQA is snake-oil, evil, that it sounds worse than MP3 and is introducing DRM by the backdoor” do not have a clue about MQA and what it offers. They are simply blindly latching like sheep onto what they perceive to be a fun and subversive bandwagon of “Yeah! - Let’s bash MQA” without really understanding what they are promoting. A bit like unsavoury trends on some of the more popular social media platforms. It’s reassuring to some to be part of a cause!

Now, this view would be just about as fair as yours, although there would be a small element of truth in it, just as there is with the views of those in the anti MQA camp.

This thread has run its course and degenerated into another MQA argument. If you feel the need to continue arguing about MQA, please do it in a designated MQA area so civilians don’t have to suffer.