The mods should not close every thread related to folder browsing

(Ged) #23

Yes because it’s their forum as stated before. It’s not a freedom of speech problem it’s people being moderated in a private space.

(Music and Shawarma Lover) #24

This is where we can agree to disagree. I don’t really see the distinction between the private and the public here.

Plus I actually think it costs Roon credibility when the appearance is shutting down threads that are critical of Roon. I know that there are plenty of Roon critical comments that have not been shut down, but I do not see the need to close anything if anyone is interested in posting in it, UNLESS it becomes a personal flame war, because that is detrimental to others feeling they can speak their mind, bullying as a form of censorship.

This is a difficult balance. I just feel someone needs to point this out so that the decision is not taken lightly. I am not usually the crusader type, but when you close a thread, there is a message there - it is not simply an administrative act for organizational purposes. That’s just inherent.

Interesting as this is to discuss. I have got to shut myself off today, or I won’t bill any hours :open_mouth:

(Danny Dulai) #25

I closed it so I don’t keep getting pulled into it!

No, seriously… I actually closed it because sometimes the community can pile on. It’s basic mob mentality and while it’s flattering how these members want to defend us, it’s not beneficial for the community to feel inviting.

We can’t catch it all, but when we do catch it, I like to kill it quick. That topic was starting to become a “pile on” topic.

Unfortunately, governance comes in all flavors, and as politics has taught us, everyone feels differently about how heavy that touch should be.

Why Roon? What are our reasons to stick with Roon?
(Music and Shawarma Lover) #26

Thank you Danny for your response. I hadn’t considered it was the converse issue I was thinking.

My goal here is not to keep any specific thread open, rather to encourage all of those with the power to lock a thread to truly consider the act before it’s taken.

Enough said for now. I’ll just chirp when it happens again.

(Frank Daman) #27

Allow me to offer a different point of view: Roon benefits heavily from this forum, if only because of the enormous amount of real world user feedback. If they were to gather user feedback by other channels, it would cost them a small fortune.

Now they get a small fortune’s worth of useful information that is freely volunteered. Conclusion: it’s probably more than worth the irritation of “are we there yet?” posts.

Secondary conclusion: we are all fools to just hand them this information without being paid :rofl:

(Ged) #28

James and I have been round this bush a few times.

(Allan) #30

I deleted my post in which I defended the practices of management and the moderators with regards to closing threads or moving threads. I won’t again defend the management and moderators in that regard, as what they are doing constitutes, to say the least, very heavy handed editing of views that they disapprove of. I’ll cover that in the thread that they just moved, and you can find that here: