The Mozarts: the family ties? Or? (Relationship entries)


The Mozarts are showing some unexplained entries in the similiar to / influenced by / followed by relationships section.


Wolfgang Amadeus:

Franz Xaver Wolfgang:

I can’t figure out what that the meaning of this is. Anybody got any idea?

(Ludwig van Marbach) #2

That’s interesting, never seen that. But have seen other parts of the artist screen having untitled sections. I think it was teachers or students I spotted before.


I guess it’s (a bit of a mess out) of those relationships:

Relative Of
Child Of
Parent Of
Grandparent Of 
Grandchild Of

Wolfgang for example could have been assigned to:

Child of (Leopold)
Parent of (lil’ Wolfgang)

and maybe:

Relative of (twice). But the same logic doesn’t seem to apply to the other two. Hmm. :thinking:

@joel - what do you make out of it?


After I’ve added pictures for Leopold and little Wolfgang the overlay colours are now probably better to distinguish but I still do not know what they mean:

@support do you have an idea what the relationships are supposed to be - or do you know somebody who knows?