The Mytek Brooklyn Bridge Streamer/DAC coming soon

I am really tempted by this. However, 3k is a lot of money. Basically a Brooklyn Dac with built in streamer.

The Teac 505 may be a cheaper alternative

I’m not certain why the UK price for the Teac is so much cheaper than US (Exchange rate difference is not that wide. Probably a typo

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Any ideas how this would compare to a non-streaming Brooklyn DAC+ connected to a Sonore ultraRendu?

Check the supported bit rates. The supported bit rates are lower via ethernet than via USB if you care about higher bit rate DSD files.

Or to the upcoming opticalRendu? I have a feeling an opticalRendu to a Brooklyn+ will sound better than the Brooklyn Bridge, but of course its only speculation.

USD1295 mentioned here:

For a brief moment I was wondering what this new protocol USD1295 was!

UDP TCP RAAT DNLA UPnP we do love our acronyms.

I was really looking forward to the Universal Sound Device protocol 1295.


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Jussi just shed a tear - you forgot him and NAA.

I haven’t seen the price of the upcoming opticalRendu posted so just thought I’d share it here.

I did get excited by this until I saw that it would do gigabit only transmission and you may remember that adding a 100 mB router between my space age PC and ultraRendu was the only way I could get HQP to work without stutters.
So perhaps this will not be for me?

Mind you for reasons you’ll be aware of I’m currently running Roon from my old NUC so have reinstated my Hugo TT direct PCM from Roon.

I initially got my Holo DAC to test DSD and stayed with that for nearly a year but decided to give the Hugo another run and the system currently is sounding good. I find A vs B constantly switching just drives me nutty. I prefer to give a few months and then revert, however the Holo via HQP/DSD was so good a few months turned into a year.

Who knows I might use the imminent 1.6 update to go back to the Holo and HQP.


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Yep I remember. You’d need a new switch with SFP port.

Or use the new Sonore opticalModule to use with your exisiting switch. It’s a little confusing but the opticalModule is Sonore’s new FMC (optical to copper ethernet, and reverse, converter).

Hope that doesn’t all make your head hurt cos it’s hurting mine just thinking about it all :grin:

Me too.

The Hugo is really good, no doubt about it.

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Thanks for the tip on that … was just reading about the Bridge and thinking it would be a cleaner config vs USB to a DAC+ but I guess I can save almost 1K and just run the longer USB cable from my PC.

My Roon server sits in a “closet” behind my main theater / listening room and while I’ve got network connectivity in the theater, I’ll need a long USB cable to cover things.

Right now I’m using a Blusound Node2 and playing around with the Pro-ject Pre Box S2 Digital via Coax. I’ll probably run USB first to that before connecting it back to my desktop / headphone rig.