The new Audeze presets make me sad

that I can’t use them at work!

I listened to the LCD-X this morning. I’m at work now, but I can’t use Roon here due to licensing. I don’t need the networking features at work. I just want to listen to Tidal with the same DSP presets as I use at home.

Thank you for the presets, though. I was very happy to see that new feature!

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Why not transfer the license to your work computer while at work. It’s only a click or two of the mouse button. Just as easy to transfer back when you get home.

That’s what I do almost every weekday! Simple and trouble-free for me for a long time. So glad the Roon team included this option and function!

Oh? There’s no limit to how often I can move the license around?
I’ll have to try this. This is great!

No limit. Go crazy.

Just remember that your home system becomes unusable while you are at work using the license. Significant other?

:open_mouth: I didn’t know this was an option!!!