The new LG 35 phone sounds like it's downsampling to 48k 16bit

Im playing with the new LG 35 phone. Sounds like its down sampling to me probably 48k 16bit. Very disapointed.LG are you listening?

Here’s a screen shot

That is actually the Roon software which hasn’t been rewritten to look beyond the OS mixer for an output.

So, it’s just going to sound cappy ?

Seems like the problem is the bit depth conversion. Any way around that in Roon or Android settings?

Not that I know of. I haven’t played with MQA enabled Android hardware yet.

LG did a lot of work to create an audio path that avoids the Android OS mixer for MQA to work. To invoke its MQA you can only do one of two things (currently), as far as I know:

  1. Purchase / download MQA music files to a LG MQA smartphone, then use its native playback facility to play them, see
  2. Use Tidal Android app and set quality to Master, see this post: If anyone cares, Tidal Masters are now on mobile

Currently I believe other apps such as Roon do not take advantage of the LG creation. To request this feature, post in this: Roon support for LG V30 MQA output

Thanks for the help. Now that I’m using Tidal with Master set, it sounds quite good. Happy LG customer again. Now if Roon could bypass the damn OS mixer.