The option to continuously edit tracks

Currently, if I need to edit ten tracks in one album, I need to click one track, edit it, save, jump out, and click another track. Any chance to create shortcut or ‘next’ button so that I can continuously edit tracks without jumping back and forth?

Have you found the bulk edit technique of selecting multiple tracks that require the same edit?

Yes, but I’m trying to do different editing. For example, I wish to change the song titles for each track and that will require me to go in and out of editing.

I’d like to second this request; it would make some kinds of track editing so much easier. Most (?) other music player software (even iTunes) allow this.

My considered opinion: for extensive editing, you are better served by using a third-party tagger. Even Roon would tell you that they “are not a tagger.”

Don’t know how much you know about these apps, but there are a lot of choices out there.

While this is currently true, closing the gap by improving Roon’s editors would certainly make life easier for some. See also:

The main reason I’m asking for this feature is because I listen to a lot of non-western songs, like mandarin and Japanese through Tidal. The streaming service has been doing a bad job with the language wording issue. Since I can only add these songs to my library and not downloading them, using third party apps to edit them is unfortunately undoable.

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+1 Would very much love this feature.

Regarding editing track in Roon I didn,t find to much issues but I am very interest to have editing genre in tracks. Yes, genre is conected to albums but there are lot of situations where are multiple songs with diferent genre on same album. It will be very useful if we can edit genre in track editing too

Sigh… even with the new “Fluency” feature, my Mandrain albums are still not being displayed in original track names.

But to go in to edit thousands of tracks one by one and then having to click the following sequences is untenable:

  • click …

  • click Edit…

  • click Edit Track

  • click Title > Edit box

  • click Save

There should be a shortcut to go directly into Track name edit box, given how this is a frequently accessed feature.

Has anyone found a workaround? Sorry I am out of votes so I can’t find add to this. I will add my vote back here as soon as my other requests have been fulfilled.