The order of things

Hi all, about to set up my new system - appreciate some advise.

I have just ordered a Pi 4 on which I intend to set up Ropieee. I have also ordered a NUC i5 on which I will load ROCK. I have a WD external USB drive with my software library on and a Tidal account.

My question is what is the best order to set things up or does it matter?

I guess the first thing is to purchase a Roon subscription!!! But after that:

Do I sent up the ROCK first then plug int he USB drive.
When do I set up the Pi and plus it into my DAC.

Maybe I’m over thinking this but I would appreciate any input as to the best order in which to tackle the various tasks.

Thank you


  1. Roon trial or subscription
  2. Assemble NUC, then install ROCK; add USB drive when you’re setting up Roon (Settings > Storage) and connect TIDAL (Settings > Services)
  3. Build the Rapsberry Pi and install Ropieee, then connect your DAC; go to Settings > Audio to enable the endpoint (Roon Bridge)

Shout out if you need more help.


Perfect - thank you

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Only thing I’d add is to review library import settings before pointing Roon to your music.

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Sorry - another question(s)

So I (think) I want to end up with ROON CORE on the NUC, ROON remote on my Kindle tablet and the ripped music on the USB drive. If I pay my ROON subscription before setting up the NUC do I have to do so on a PC or laptop then ‘transfer’ things to the NUC / Kindle later on?

Yes. But it is very easy.
Make a backup of the original setup and restore that backup of your database to the NUC. Then you deactivate the core on the PC and activate it on your NUC, and the licensing is done.

Oh, read and follow setup instructions TO THE LETTER. No spitballing.


Got it - will do!!! and Thank you both again.

I think you can just buy your Roon subscription or set up your free trial on whatever device you want and not need to set up a Roon core on your pc. Once Rock is installed on your NUC use your credentials to log in and use this as a core. No need to save/copy databases across. Correct me if I’m wrong anybody…!

P.S. I too have an i5 nuc running Rock, a pi3 running ropieee and a kindle fire 10 as a controller. It’s great, you’re going to love it!

That will work, but you are starting from scratch. All the scanning will be repeated, favorites are gone, all your records of play numbers, etc, gone. That is in your database and not in the ‘cloud’ anywhere.
That’s why it is so important to have a backup of your database.

Awesome - I am excited to get started; but can’t persuade my wife to let me have my Christmas gifts early!!!

Reading through the guides on the website it doesn’t look too complicated - I’ll just take it step by step.

Hey thank you but I don’t have a database at the moment. My trial subscription expired some time ago and I uninstalled all the software. It’s taken me a while to decide exactly how I am going to set things up (plus I have been holding on in the hope that Cambridge Audio would bring out an update to make the 851N streamer Roon compatible) and get the money together. Now I’ve pulled the trigger on the Pi4 and NUC I am excited to get started.

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Another thought / question?

Where is the best place to store my music collection (mixture of ripped FLAC’s and downloaded DSD, WAV and a few MP3’S)? On my home networked computer, on a USB drive connected to the NUC, on an SSD drive installed in the NUC or on my NAS drive?

I would use a usb hdd attached to your nuc, or a hdd inside your nuc (in addition to the m2 ssd). No need for ssd for this. That way you only ever need your NUC on to enjoy Roon. Mine is left on all the time.
Back up to your nas. I used to have my music on a nas, but eventually just did away with it, as I didn’t really need the nas functions for anything else. So I back up to my computer. I back up the database to a usb stick in the back of the nuc and also to Dropbox.
And your wife is correct…All good boys must wait for Santa!


Thank you - I was of the understanding that an SSD would help the sound quality given no mechanical noise? Looking around a 1TB SSD is about twice the price of a 1TB HDD - I am all about saving money if it won;t compromise sound quality.

I use a USB drive similar to this -

Are you getting a fanless nuc? If not the fan will be louder than any hdd. Do you need to have your nuc in the listening room if you’re using a rpi?
Other than background noise sound quality will not be affected…

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To be honest I don;t know if its fanless!!! I ordered this:

It will be in the same room but 20+feet from the listening position and in a cupboard.

Appreciate all the input.

Unlikely CA will do that , they have CXN v2 with Chromecast that’s as near as it gets, their focus is on new stuff that will be Roon Compatible eg the CXA61 etc

I use a CXN via AirPlay to my soundbar that’s fine and a RPi / alllo Digione to my HD800 via N M-DAC

All works fine you will love it when Santa finally delivers :shushing_face: