The Painful Job - improve process to organize album songs

Roon developers, come on, please, improve process to organize album songs… currently the edit process is waste of time and painful job.

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I assume you are referring to the means of selecting the correct tracks for an album after “Identify album” gives “Match your files with the correct metadata track”?
Yes, you can only move one track one step at a time, which means if selecting a group of tracks from the middle of a multi-CD album you end up needing literally hundreds of mouse clicks. Sometimes it can help editing your metadata (album no, track no) so Roon matches the right tracks, but this doesn’t always work. For some reason it still ignores this numbering sometimes.
I keep hoping Roon will solve this with each new release.

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You’re right, it’s what I’m talking about.

“Please”…you know, I’m polite guy…