The Phantom for the rest of us: Phantom Reactor

A Phantom for $1000-1300? Meet the Phantom Reactor.

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No Mention of Roon…an oversight or a limitation?


Bluetooth. AirPlay®. Spotify Connect. UPnP. Optical or Analog. Phantom Reactor is game for anything. Make an instant connection, however you like to listen. Genetically wired to tomorrow, Phantom Reactor’s ultra-open architecture lets you update to all the latest upgrades and features. So every performance smashes the last.

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Hmmm, I was assuming they’d add that later. But also no Tidal. Darko calls it “the best Bluetooth speaker in the world” – so maybe they want to keep Roon, etc. to their higher-end version?

But then, they might still add that later.

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Chromecast support confirmed to be coming in 2019, so will be Roon friendly.

But Airplay is already there, so it is already “friendly”, is it not?

Yup true, but Chromecast allows bit perfect playback up to 24bit/96kHz whereas Airplay resamples everything to 48kHz (if that’s important - some people don’t care and that’s ok obviously also).

I’d take any Devialet promises/dates with a pinch of salt. The company has plenty of unfulfilled promises, and many customers still waiting months/years later for features they were told would be following soon…

It seems two can’t currently be paired as stereo. This is no doubt ‘in the works’.

I wish they’d make the whole Phantom range RoonReady, I might even buy a couple if they did (as soon as there’s enough people saying they don’t crackle and dropout). But let’s wait and see if they ever get the Experts through the RoonReady program - it sure has been a while since they showed a working development setup.

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I just bought the new Bluesound Pulse 2i and I’m currently comparing it to my older Pulse 2. So far it has been a puzzling comparison test but what I love about Bluesound is how they take Roon integration seriously. Even so, Devialet is the gold standard of wireless speakers. I have auditioned the Devialet Phantom and I’m seriously impressed but I find their size too big for my small NYC apartment and the styling of the Phantoms are a bit too garish (cheesy gold and silver accents ). This is not the case with the new Phantom Reactors. They’re plain, solid white ( and I would love solid black ) and they are smaller. The Phantom Reactors are a bit more expensive than the Pulse 2i’s but I would trade by 2i’s in a heartbeat if I knew that Devialet was Roon Ready and if Devialet had a software interface as sophisticated as Bluesound’s. Does anyone know if Devialet will become Roon RAAT certified in the near future?

Devialet have sent an email to customers (or at least to me) on the 16th, from which I quote:

This continuous evolution required a new software platform, so we developed DOS 2 (Devialet Operating System 2). It offers an open, simple and stable experience, allowing users to enjoy exceptional sound quality with the greatest comfort. The brand new “Devialet” application, launched alongside Phantom Reactor, has been built on the DOS 2 architecture. Our ultimate aim is to harmonize the user experience across all our product lines.

On Expert Pro with Core Infinity, certification of Roon RAAT (Roon Advanced Audio Transport) begins this week, enhancing the listening experience on what is already the world’s most advanced music player. In 2019, we will make Expert Pro compatible with the new Devialet app, replacing the current Expert Remote app.

On Phantom Premier, transition to our new software platform is scheduled for the second half of 2019. You will have the option to replace Spark with the Devialet app and enjoy all the benefits of the new OS.

We also aim to bring you new streaming protocols through free software updates, which will join Airplay, Spotify Connect and UPnP that were introduced this year across all our products.

The bold markings are mine.

Interesting! Cute that they call it DOS…

Yeah. Very 2018.

Also worth remembering that the flip side of Devialet updating operating systems is that you may find yourself with an outdated model that Devialet no longer support or develop. Previously they splashed this upgradeability USP all over their marketing - promising to never let their products become obsolete. For the D-Premier/Expert range they have since reneged on that however.

Perhaps Reactor is considered consumer electronics and throw away enough for people to not worry but just FYI. Its also unclear if Phantoms are repairable - certainly they weren’t last year. No idea if this has changed or how Recators fare. Just best to assume a fault outside of warranty will mean they go in the skip.

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Ouch those are not so cheap speakers.

Hi, can anyone provide an update for the devialet phantom reactor?

I have a pair of 600W. No direct streaming from Roon yet so I use optical. I had a Devialet 120 with KEF LS50 in my listening room. The amp and speakers are boxed and in the closet now. I would be very happy to see a decent stand and remote volume control. I do use Roon DSP to control the bass which REW shows to still be powerful below 18hz and needs to be tamed in my smaller room. That I needed to, and learning how to, handle a real full range speaker was a surprise. They will play anything sent to them clearly and as near perfectly as anything I have heard before. They will not be kind to poor recordings. And yes, buy the extended warranty.

If I may ask, any updates on this at this point?

Unfortunately there is nothing new on RAAT for Phantoms. Devialet is still “working on it”… It will be quite something when it materialises though!

I’m expecting this will happen right about when I’m drinking Scotch with Santa Claus on Christmas Eve.
I LOVE my Phantom, hardware. Everything else about Devialet leaves a lot to be desired.

Has this status come from Devialet themselves recently (2020)?

Not directly to myself. I saw a quote from Devialet support in a post from someone. I’ll send them a question about it and see what they say.

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Got a response from Devialet support today:

“…Devialet Phantom is NOT Roon-ready yet so Roon Raat is not an option at this stage.”

This is of course not an acceptable response so I’ve sent a reply/new request.

Another thing is that on my reply I Cc:'ed Quentin Sannié who used to be CEO and got a bounce from Devialet’s mail server. I didn’t know that he’d quit so maybe it is false alarm. He may simply have changed to a different mail alias…

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