The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs opera

out of respect to Mason Bates and his work, would you be so kind as to properly order scenes in his opera “The ®evolution of Steve Jobs”; not following the Tidal - don’t mind them, it’s not a rap opera… :grin:


one week ago I have paid your attention that “The ®evolution of Steve Jobs” tracks are wrong ordered. And nothing has happened. They are still unordered, with no explanation.

Is it your ignorance only or simply naughtiness? (I don’t know which is worse)
Particularly as other stream providers handled this problem perfectly.

Would you be so kind as to drop me a line why you couldn’t fix it?

In addition, I would like to highlight that this is not a free social portal - I was charged a fee, and I think that I deserve an answer from the staff…


Try adding @support. It helps to get your query to the right people.

Hey @Lonek,

My sincere apologies for the delay here! I want to assure you that the team is currently investigating your report and are looking into our metadata sources. I’ll be sure to update this thread as soon as we have more news regarding our investigation.

Thanks you for your report here, we truly do appreciate it!


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Hey @Lonek,

I spoke with the team regarding their investigation into your report. Unfortunately this metadata is coming directly from TIDAL so it’s not something we are able to change on our end. At this time the best option is to open a support request with TIDAL.

Apologies again for the delay here, and thanks for your patience while we have looked into this.

Kind regards,


Thank you very much :slight_smile:

Hundreds of Operas at Tidal are in a wrong order (for example: . I’m reporting them already for more then a year on a regular base. Nothing has happend yet.

Fortunately, I can sort them with Roon, but its a lot of work.