The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records

Does anyone have this? I have both volumes and roon only adds maybe 1/6 of the tracks for each volume. Yes its a large set. 800 tracks each. All of the tracks from the USB are in the same folder in alphabetical order. All track numbers are 0. It loads perfectly but only up to the letter D or E. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated. Thanks in advance

I have it.
I used Yate tagger (mac) and artificially broke them up to 5 discs.

Thanks for the response. I’ll check it out. I’m also on a Mac. I’ve not heard of that tag program. Just to be clear Roon can’t put 800 tracks on one album?

I think it maxes out at 180 tracks a disc.
Yate also has a roon setting.
It’s been around for a long time.

Thanks again. I took a look. A shame I need to spend another $20 to have these work correctly in Roon and have it split up between 5 albums. I appreciate your quick replies.

Mp3Tag is free and will do much the same.

Thanks for the tip. The files are tagged. It’s a shame I need to split them. I had the same trouble with the 18 disc Bob Dylan Cutting Edge. You would think Roon could handle it.

I doubt you have to use a tagger at all. Just create 8 subfolders, and move an equal number of tracks (100) into each one. The subfolders should be named “Disc 1”, “Disc 2”, etc.

You’re correct. I haven’t used a “tagger” at all. The files are already tagged. I shouldn’t have to tag them again.

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