The roon crahes

Hi there,

I’m running Roon on windows 7 ultimate. Cant open it anymore today. It will last for less than a minute then forced to shut down. Any reason?

Moreover, the software will show nothing but white blank page once I click the “Add to the library” option. Please note it and hope you have a way to fix it.

Not very happy for getting this considering paying lifetime membership and cant explorer my music when I’m rarely free now.

Hi @Wei_Xia – sorry for the inconvenience!

We’re aware of this issue, and it will be fixed for our next release.

I’m going to follow up via PM and we’ll get some more information about what’s happening. Stand by!

Hi @Wei_Xia, sometimes when something similar has happened to me, I went into task manager and found there was a Roon already running. Manually, ending that allowed me to start it up again.

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Tried. doesnt work. Thanks for the tips anyway.