The Roon Effect - AKA Why My Wallet Hurts

I’ve been loving roon since my trial and subsequent purchase so much as it’s given my music listening a new lease of life. It just makes it very easy to enjoy my collection and Tidal and has taken some of the fuss out of digital playback. This has though had an unintended effect of making me want to buy more stuff. Lots of it. New Rega Elicit-R, more Linn Kans, new DAC, new interconnects, LPS, Allo USBridge, a NUC. My listening has also inspired me to get buying vinyl again and even change the furniture to accommodate a better listening experience.

While the expenses may be mounting, I say Roon is a great thing for manufacturers, dealers, artists and labels (and furniture suppliers) and the more who come on board with Roon Ready devices or encourage its use, the better for them and the industry as a whole.


GAS sufferer,



I can see this happening to me as well. I’ve already re-purchased a number of albums in FLAC (Redbook or hi-res) that I only had on vinyl or in MP3 format. I’ve discovered the joys of Bandcamp. I picked up a sonicTransporter AP. When I move to a bigger place I’m gonna have music streaming from Roon in mind. Dangerous (in a good way).

David, your suggestion has made me sign up to Bandcamp and now my wishlist is growing exponentially. What have you done!!

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