The Roon Experience

I remember those long weeks. Nail biting, distracted. Hitting refresh more times than is healthy. Lacking the ability to concentrate on anything other than “when will 1.2 be released ?.” Then the sweet relief and Christmas day like joy of setting up my roonbridge and glorying in the new dawn…

Yeah, but now that gnawing feeling is back. When will 1.3 be released ? When oh when can I parametrically EQ ? (I am pretending I know what this means, but I’m excited none the less)

It has become part of the experience. Its falling in love, first time nerves, and wedding day blues all rolled into one

Its worth every cent/penny/peso etc (delete currency as necessary)


Sadly. Know the feeling only too well.

I’m firmly falling into the sad old git category!


Yes yes ! Its pitiable when the release of a software version threatens my employment and marriage. I have to invent new replies when people ask “what are you thinking about ?”

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