The Roon iPhone app continues to crash

I was having a pausing and freezing issues with my Android phone until I gave it a fixed IP. It’s been two weeks now of great performance. No other devices on our network including iPad, Sumsung tablet, Mac’s, or PC’s were having issues, they all use DHCP. The Rock has been fixed IP since day one. We don’t have an iPhone so I can’t comment on that.

I’ve split this out to avoid going off topic…

Actually, my feedback was not off topic at all.

I’m not interested in troubleshooting the iPhone app. My point was to bring awareness to the misalignment of development priories which brought us in app advertising rather than fixing software bugs.

Nonetheless, I don’t wish to debate further.

@Bryce_Johnson, that was understood and why your post still stands in the original topic.
However, @Vincent_Kennedy’s reply was leading the discussion off-topic hence why his post was split out.


I have a 2nd generation iPad mini that crashes quite often but this does not occur on my 4th gen and newer iPhone. What iPhone are you using and how much memory free etc? It can be so device specific.