The Roon Search Engine Does not appear to locate all albums

It is a large library here with well over 12,000 of the 16,000 being classical albums so I appreciate the problem Roon might have with searches. However many times the search does not find all albums or, in particular, an album I’m trying to locate but cannot remember the artist.

Yesterday I installed 2 albums of Rachmaninov concertos yet when I attempted to search for Rachmaninov Concerto No 2, these newly installed albums did not feature.

Is there some limitation on how many can be displayed or what criteria are needed to be put into the search request?

Does the search engine only identify albums from the title? When I did a search for “Rachmaninov Concertos” one of the new albums showed up and I see the title for the album missing in the previous search was “Rachmaninov: Concertos 2 & 3”. Yet the other album by the same artists etc with Piano Concertos 1 & 4 does not come up in that search.

I’m posting here in case the Roon search engine can be improved.

POSTSCRIPT: I just did a search for that concerto focussing on Rachmaninov and find there are 12 albums in this collection featuring that concerto but the search engine only features 6 of them with scraps of not useful data below. It is hard to see the criteria used to feature those 6 when the one entered into the library yesterday was played when some of the others have not, and yesterday’s entry (Stephen Hough - superb BTW) was given 4 star rating but did not appear!!