The roon server cant connect to

01/06 23:28:16 Warn: Error in web request$
01/06 23:28:16 Trace: [push] request to manager failed
01/06 23:28:16 Trace: [push] retrying connection in 310449ms
01/06 23:28:22 Info: [stats] 1848mb Virtual, 76mb Physical, 8mb Managed, 0 Hand$
01/06 23:28:37 Info: [stats] 1848mb Virtual, 76mb Physical, 8mb Managed, 0 Hand$
01/06 23:28:52 Info: [stats] 1848mb Virtual, 76mb Physical, 8mb Managed, 0 Hand$

and my client cant get the server.


You can ignore that warning in the logs it is not connected with any user facing connectivity issue.
(The Roon developers are aware if it and said it was an area that need some tidying but does not cause any issues).

and my client cant get the server

Is this a different problem? If so can you please provide some details about your system and network configuration/topology, as well as some insight into any networking hardware you maybe implementing. The more detailed you can be, the better.

hello, the situation is complicate to discribe, as we are now working with the ROON server into our hardware product, when we try using archlinux before, everything goes fine, both android, ios, windows client work well.

but when we change archlinux to centos, everything stuck, i cant get log of the android and ios client, they cant search any core, when i have roonserver.service restart, an core appear in the list and the statue change from connecting and fail.

the windows app even cant startup, just a flash of the init screen than close, without giving any info.

alright after i install archlinux instead, everything goes fine.

In CentOS, firewalld.service is active by default, blocking traffic.

Either shut it down, or allow the proper bits to flow.

ok, thankyou very much for that, i will try.