The Roon UI lacks polish

Well, perhaps apples to another variety of apple. The Roon remote is also designed to be used with one very specific piece of equipment, the Roon core.

Actually, we’re apparently all software developers here! :rofl:


It’s my wife who finds it incomprehensible, particularly search so has just given up. I just find it difficult.

DAC = Apple;
Roon Core = Orange;

I will echo this sentiment. The app seems reasonably functional, but the UI feels a generation out of date (poor touch performance and no portrait on iPad…?). This is what keeps me from purchasing Roon, which I think is otherwise a brilliant product. It’s hard to justify the cost when it is so easily outclassed by the UX in many open source projects (not specifically hi-fi related…)


Have you ever the Tidal mobile app? Now that is a truly horrible app.

Many of you may never have experienced just how bad a music app can be since when using Roon, Tidal is accessed via Roon.

I use the Tidal mobile app when away from my home network (oh where oh where is the Roon remote app?) and the Tidal app’s UI is pretty bad in too many ways to count and since this discussion is not about Tidal I will stop here.

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Yep, and I disagree completely. It’s super crisp, with fluid animations, native UI controls and an uncluttered layout. I don’t use it much so I can’t vouch for any advanced functionality, but the impression is much better.

Maybe they pushed an update recently? It’s far better now than it was a few years ago when Roon was released and I first signed up with Tidal.


On the contrary, since one month I moved from Spotify to TIDAL, but I was surprised how good it is, it works like a charm, also on my phone.

Yes I agree that it looks pretty but it lacks some very basic functionality or least the functionality is very far from intuitive - things like showing lyrics, adding items to the now playing cue, showing time remaining in the now playing cue, reordering the now playing cue, etc. But this is not a discussion for the Roon community.

As a web designer, one of my chief concerns is User Experience (UX). A key element of UX is the User Interface (UI). If I don’t respect and act on the user feedback I get, then I don’t deserve the business. User feedback is essential to successful software development IMHO.

I respectfully agree with the title of this thread. I’m not sure the Roon team considers this a priority. Do they even have the resources? My impression is the limited resources they have are maxed out.

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Seems to me that whatever resources are available all go to Roon Radio, the big WOW feature :yawning_face:

I think the UI could be cleaned up, I agree.

I strongly vote for the “filter” icon / function to be added to the iphone when in Playlist screen. I have a long list of playlists.

I do think the DSP functions and other more esoteric functions could be pared back in phone size devices.

I think Tidal’s mobile app has gotten much better. I have used Qobuz mobile only a little bit, but its pretty good.

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That’s funny, my wife thinks iTunes looks fantastic, I think it looks bland and it looks to me like it was designed by an 8 year old for a school project, particularly the layout and fonts.

Whilst there are things I don’t like about the Roon UI, horizontal paging being the main issue (this obviously is not an issue with the iPhone versions) it is far from “rubbish and incomprehensible”.
My wife struggles changing zones using airplay in iTunes but she can do it in Roon although the visibility of the zone transfer button could be better. My 4½ year old son can find an album in Roon and press play, that’s right he is 4½ years old.

I never liked using Roon on my old iPhone 6, I found the screen was too small but using Roon on my iPhone XS is a much better experience and I was surprised how good it looked.

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Yep plenty with iOS apps only, as a result I will never buy them.

I use my phone more than any remote, not through preference more of convenience as it’s always free and at hand, getting to use the pc and find my tablet are another thing.

LOL. Sounds like you’ve got them well trained. We’ve never had iTunes in the house, maybe I’ll look into that. I’m the only one that will use roon in our household so I’d like to settle on a simpler more integrated environment so that I am less involved. I’d say the order in which UI’s are used in our household is Spotify, CD, Qobuz, roon. I’m looking at a networked CD player like the Luxmin range as a way of integrating things so everone can do as they please without bothering me.

I’m not not sure why roon never caught on in our household. I don’t think it is especially a lack of attention to detail or polish in the UI, although that doesn’t help. If there is a pattern it is the experience of an unsuccessful search. Doesn’t seem to take much and many will give up. That may be slowness or an unexpectedly “fuzzy” result or a combination of the two.

I had both my kids using Roon for a short time. When I switched to the Tidal family plan, they both quickly switched to using Tidal directly and strongly prefer it.

James that is very interesting. Out of curiosity, what did your kids prefer on the tidal add that made them switch?

A number of factors, although we have not had any in-depth discussion about it. It was just something I noticed. A few things:

(1) Roon’s “profile” (for different users) is really a throw-away feature that does very little. It’s still the same library. I didn’t want my kids favoriting things in Tidal under my Tidal account that would then go into MY library that would then get shuffled and played when I play something, and Roon won’t switch Tidal accounts when you switch Roon profiles, so Roon only dealt with MY Tidal account. The kids want their own favorites, etc. and so went to Tidal.

(2) Roon has a problem with Realtek drivers. There are workarounds but they require dumb things like deleting folders before launching Roon. OK you say, except Realtek drivers are everywhere…Roon needs to get a grip on that. Kids didn’t like that extra work so they go straight to Tidal which has no such driver problems.

(3) As with all of the younger generations, they don’t really care about owning local music. Streaming is all they need. Roon is just an intermediary to streaming alone which they didn’t need.

(4) I am a heavy organizer and curator of my music. I make new big playlists ALL the time. Roon has some resource leakage bug that slows down the core dramatically when I am doing this (it is a high powered core…it’s Roon’s problem they know). That slowed down Roon’s performance to a point of frustration for them, yelling “Dad stop making playlists and searching artists” and so Tidal was the solution.

Roon is not really ready yet for multiple users. The security and other profile management features are less than rudimentary. Tidal is the solution until Roon is more capable in this area.


Still far too many clicks to get anywhere or anything done. It really needs some user customization (nothing crazy, just some on/off options) and better overall readability and streamlining in places. Too many pathways to get to the same place, and other more obvious pathways hidden (I still can’t figure out where the albums I’ve hearted reside).

It probably needs to be worked from the ground up, though I doubt we’ll ever see that, consequently the not so successful UI patches we got in the last upgrade. The functionality is still great of course, but now that all the guts are there, time to work on the cosmetics, and I would consider getting in an outside, fresh set of eyes to at least consult.


If Roon has budget for it (now or in the future), that’s the best approach IMHO (i.e:. a third party expert in the field of UX/UI).

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I do not think the overall look and feel of Roon is unattractive. There are many inconsistencies and they are a bit addicted to icons as buttons, but Roon has said that they’re slowly rolling out their UI updates and that once that is done a lot of inconsistencies will be gone. So from that perspective we may have to wait and see before passing judgment.

Now, as to functionality offered by the IU, that is a different matter. That needs some TLC for sure. I’d like to say enough with the partner integrations until a fully functional library management system is completed. And that includes inter-operability and playing nice with local collections by honoring metatags, not making Roon such a non-portable silo.