The Roon UI lacks polish

I agree , my parallel system is all taps and no typing , it’s quite painful to get to some classical stuff bit like typing sentences

The ease of Tidal saves it at present, I use very little Tidal so it is not really a deal breaker

The classical box set navigation is a deal breaker however and no real response to it Roon stays very quiet on the subject …

Looking at the > Contents and seeing what assets they have I don’t think UI is at the top of their list. The 2 themes, Creamsicle and Dark could use some CSS/Hex value clean up, also it looks like a classic (mono) Xamarin app that’s probably ported to macOS and iOS. The way the UI/UX is structured now within the webroot, there is no support for what the OP asked for and I don’t see that happening without a complete rewrite oh that portion of the app which would probably mean more than just the UI.

On a side note their sprite maps are impressed, nice throwback to 2006. With that said, it might be possible to hack away in those files mentioned to send a copy over to Roon and show them something that’s more UX friendly.

Yeah! (To whatever it is you just said). :wink:

imo the phone app is excellent - way better than Sonos, which I had given up on (I used Spotify to send to Sonos) except for swaping to Line-In. I also much prefer the Roon phone app to Spotify and Tidal.

If there was a mobile Roon (even if it only gave me access to my Tidal content) I’d never open Tidal.

On Desktop it isn’t even close - that’s a big part of why I pay for Roon.

I use the phone app in a more limited fashion than is available e.g. don’t add tags because I think this is always going to be more efficient on desktop. It would be nice to do what you can do on the desktop like focus etc but I accept that as a reasonable compromise. I think trying to achieve everything on a small screen would end up causing more problems than it resolves. Does make me desire an iPad Pro a little.

I’m generally happy with the interface. However, for me it’s greatest failure is text display in artists bios, reviews etc. I sincerely wish the text size and font were adjustable. On an eight-inch tablet or less, text is just too small. On some Android tablets, no matter what the size, the characters break up. I realize this may be a problem with Android device memory and that sometimes reducing memory usage by closing unused apps etc. and restarting Roon can temporarily resolve this. But we’re still left with small type on smaller tablets that would otherwise be quite handy for Roon. I’ve given up using my two eight-inch Samsung tablets with Roon for this reason.
Not everyone wants to buy an expensive IPad Pro just for Roon (which is a good experience). I’ve now settled on a 10-inch Fire tablet as a good, cheap substitute that works well and displays type well. It doesn’t have the text breakup problem, even when “hacked” to use an Android interface. Plus, text is large enough for aging eyes. Unfortunately, I’m Canadian and until fairly recently Amazon didn’t sell its 10-inch tablet in Canada. So I previously made tablet purchases that weren’t suitable for use with Roon.

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You do know that you can side load (very easily) Google chrome on the new Kindles including the Playstore. Download roon and install. Roon will then work like a champ on your Kindle. I listen every night in bed using a roon endpoint and my Kindle 10" as the remote.

Edit. I too was using a Samsung tab before upgrading last Christmas to the 10" Kindle.

Sorry, what’s your point? I already said I am using Roon on the 10-inch Kindle, so obviously I know how to install it, lol. And, actually, you don’t have to sideload it at all. Roon is now available as a native Fire app, in the Amazon app store. I prefer an Android interface on my Fire tablets, so I configure them with an Android interface. That has nothing directly to do with Roon.

My apologies. I misinterpreted your post, or it wasn’t clear to me you were using the Kindle yet. But upon re-reading it’s clearer.

No problem. I was just puzzled by your post.