The Roon User Guide

By popular demand, today we’ve released the first version of our user guide! The user guide is maintained by Roon staff, and a few veteran members of our community. You can find it here:

We expect this to be an ongoing effort and will continue to iterate on it, but we also want to hear from you. You can leave any of your feedback in this thread, and we’ll take it into consideration.

If you want to be a part of the ongoing effort in maintaining our Knowledgebase, please get in touch with me! I am still looking for more members who can commit to helping keep our documentation up to date.


Congrats guys (Roonies & KB editors alike) – that’s a gigantic labour of love!

Now all we need is an RTFM emoji… :wink:

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Thank you!!!

Really great, can’t wait for a handy pdf version!


Thanks folks! I’m really glad to see this available now.

The idea of a manual is great, been asking for it from day one. Having looked through, the execution is brilliant!!. Thank you so much!!! The job now is to keep it up to date, but no more basic and daft questions on the forum, especially from newbies like me…

This is great. Much appreciated.

Great to see a manual. A quick skip through and I realised I no longer need a symbolic link for my non-standard iTunes library location. Great stuff!

Will probably still stick to the forum as am so used to it though!

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Thank you!

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Like Luna, I would also much appreciate to have a pdf version of the guide.

Thanks, now I understand why my rip of ZZ Top’s Recycler album doesn’t show up!

Excellent work guys! :smiley:
Now i can spread the word to quite a few potential customers!

Shouldn’t this manual list some of the built-in limitations, like the 120-tracks-per-album limit?

For this guide to be useful, it needs to anticipate user questions. How could it omit something well-known to Roon that will come up for many users?

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

A fix for that is on the way! It will be a thing of the past soon enough :slight_smile:

Any other limitations you think should be included?

Somewhere you really have to mention the fact that some users experience rapid unexplained decreases in the contents of their libraries. Watching the number of tracks decrease while knowing the NAS drive is properly (and currently) mounted. How to fix? What to do when it happens? How to restore?

Or better, a list of known problems experienced by multiple paying customers that have not been fixed. Simply an acknowledgement that Roon is aware of certain fatal problems and intends to address them.

Do really consider that kind of info suitable for a User Guide?
I strongly disagree…
Limitations, yes, but only such that are results of conscious choices made by the development team. To be quote honest, i actually dont see the need to support albums with more than 120 tracks either. How does your CD player react when you insert that disc?
Atb Mike

This is an official release purchased from of the new The Rolling Stones in Mono, which has 186 tracks. Anyone who buys high-res box sets is familiar with the phenomenon in which labels choose to number all tracks from all albums sequentially.