The scanning/updating icon keeps spinning [Solved]

I’ve noticed recently that the animated icon of the circle that spins around to show you Roon is doing stuff with the library in the background won’t go away. It has been spinning for quite some time now and when I click on it, it is spinning for the adding music to library part. The number of tracks has been the same for at least 24 hours now.

Never mind, after upgrading to the newest build all seems well now.

As i’m copying new music to my “watched” folder again, this appears to be an issue. Copy completed many hours ago, yet the icon continues to spin.
Proceeded to move more music to the “watched” folder and the number of albums in my collection is continuously dropping while copying. I have 20k+ albums in my library, as i’m copying music to the watched folder Roon has dropped all the way to the 15K range. It is very odd behavior, the more music I copy to a watched drive the more the number of albums drop. I have rebooted the core PC but that does not seem to resolve any issues.

Hello @robbbby, before going forward I need to clarify that my understanding of your issue is correct:
The amount of albums in your Roon library is being reduced after adding additional music to the folder which is watched by Roon and after restarting Roon Server, situation is not changing. Is that correct ?

What OS are you running ?
What do you use as a storage: NAS; Local drive; External drive connected over USB/Thunderbolt ?
Have you tried to ‘Force Rescan’ the watched folder?
Do you add new music or you just making reorganization of your existing folder?
How do you track the amount of albums which is in your library, do you use information shown on ‘Overview’ page/ Album browser?

I messed up, I used a batch renaming tool to rename a lot of folders, that would explain the number of albums dropping.

However, the forever spinning icon was still an issue prior to me renaming all the folders. I had imported a few hundred tracks, when clicking the spinning icon I got

File Exporter - (check mark)
File Copying for Import - (check mark + “complete”)
Adding music to library - (spinning icon)
Of 500 tracks, 500 added, 490 identified

And it would sit at that for hours and hours, same thing happened just before upgrading to build 65.
I have just rebooted Roon for the first time since my previous post so it is doing a lot of scanning, I will see if anything happens again, though it only appears to happen when copying files to the watched folder, not during rescans.

Hello @robbbby, glad you were able to sort out this issue.
Regarding spinner - we are aware of this issue, it will be fixed in our next releases. Thank you for the report.