The Schiit Icons

I love the icons for the endpoints - they are not at all schiity. :slight_smile:
However, I can not find the icon for my Schiit Gungnir MB.
I see they are on your partner page, but no icons?
I’ve looked in the identify device section of the settings, but can’t see Schiit.

IIRC only Roon Ready network players and Roon Tested DACs will have the line art icon. For instance, my Chord 2Qute isn’t listed but the newer Qutest is.

Ah, makes sense. Schiit is on the partner page under tested DACs, but the link goes straight to the Schiit site instead of a Roon partner page… perhaps Roon haven’t actually tested any Schiit DACs and forgot to take the brand off the partner page under the tested DACs section.

More likely Schiit haven’t submitted your DAC for testing. That’s the manufacturers responsibility.

Looks like they haven’t tested any of the Schiit DACs as there are none in the device list under ‘identify my device’, but on the partners page…

@support should probably remove that if they haven’t actually tested any.

LOL no icon but it did get the imbedded name of the fulla.

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Love it.

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Hello @jayrammusic,

Schiit is an active member of our Roon Tested program, we have many of their devices in-house for support and development purposes. We are working on some changes to our Roon partner assets program to better accommodate the growth of the ecosystem going forward. Our goal is to have beautiful icons for all of our Roon Ready and Roon Tested gear, so stay tuned!



Hey, thanks.
I didn’t mean to give you guys any schiit…
My EITR and Gumby MB worked without even a small bump in the road.
Looking foward to seeing the icons :slight_smile:

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@support Hope that the partner assets development includes Benchmark DACs - they are Roon tested but currently show as unidentified in Device Setup.

Any word on Schiit art?

Hi John.

For how long should we need to stay tuned?

It would be good to see my superb-sounding Benchmark DAC3 with an icon rather than just showing as unidentified In Device Setup.



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