The shape of Roon Community to come?

I don’t want to go there either and most of the time I mute the relevant threads anyway, so I’m out of here as well

You’re spot on! :slight_smile:

And, like you i have decided to back off from the forum in many aspects.
And, I am not the correct person to “cast the first stone” in any way, i probably added to the environment with this thread in itself?

Not sure i fit comfortably in any of the suggested categories though. :slight_smile:

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:wink: I’m not a category, I’m a free man

Amen brother @Menzies we tend to be of one mind on a number of things including mostly sticking to posting and finding music to listen too and and helping people.

@Mikael_Ollars I also very much agree with your initial post, but at the same point I do not want to see Roon community forums fade away due to over burdensome restrictions, but I stay out of most threads these days I can’t be bothered with the bickering that takes place. I feel for the Mods as it seems any thread given long enough will destroy itself (save Music, photography and a few others)

People in communities don’t have to agree with each other or get along, but they also do not have to go looking to point out the other party is blinded or stupid on a daily basis.

Back to my posting some music for me :grinning:


The Roonie Brotherhood :heart_hands::fist:


Threads don’t destroy themselves. Contributors to those threads do and quite often by design. And the problem is it isn’t just happening to cable or audiophile switch discussion. It seems like it is happening to some feature requests and discussions about things like sound quality.


It’s Semantics Henry, but I accept your point and do not want to argue with it.

Have you concretely demonstrated that there are NO differences between all cables, power supplies etc, ones that you’ve NEVER heard? Find some middle ground and be okay with it.

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While i agree with your sentiment, it’s more the lack of respect for others experiences and opinion that i felt needed to be adressed.


If they can. Many tech gurus don’t have a clue about what the layman knows or thinks about tech.

Rob, I’m kind of at a loss for a word here. What adjective would you use for something which is contrary to the known laws of physics and electronics? Miraculous?

Mikael, experience is not the only path to knowledge. Much of the contentiousness on the forum, it seems to me, is that some contributors refuse to accept that. Some of us chime in and contradict with that kind of non-experiential knowledge, perhaps to a greater extent than on other audio forums, and I think that should be OK, too.

I also suspect I’m one of the people you’re accusing of ruining the forum, one of the “aggressors”. No one likes to be thought of that way, and I’m sorry if I’ve given you that impression. The events of the past few years have sensitized some (many?) of us to misstatements of reality, which can have dire consequences. Maybe we’re over-reacting.

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I hear you, Jeff. I suppose Roon is an overwhelmingly technical solution to the problem of playing your music, and it attracts technical people, who (in my considerable experience) love nothing better than to squabble over technical details.

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But of course, and thats not a requirement to engage in a discussion.
However, the approach with which one engages can be more of the inquisitive kind, than denigrating?

Ruining is a too strong word, but just as i am guilty, i’d say you also contributed.

My wish is that we CAN discuss experiences and why they exist (because they do) and why they sometimes contrast with what measurements expose. In a respectful way.

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Interestingly, I haven’t seen the objectivist crowd here (not to say that it doesn’t happen, but I haven’t noticed it) flagging posts they disagree with and throwing tantrums because someone called alleged phenomena that contradict laws of physics “magical.” And of course the classic “you are deaf and your system is too cheap” argument

So there’s that.

When I was a photographer, I was fond of the cliche “painters can have long conversations without discussing brushes” when asked why I never participated much in photography forums and discussions. The same is true of audio nerdery. It seems truly a shame that the only non hardware discussions that seem sustainable are about bicycles, scotch, and other white guy topics. I would have thought there were more music fans here, but other than posting album covers and interior design photos of listening rooms (mostly equipment porn) it doesn’t seem like there’s much interest in conversation.

I find that quite sad.


I never questioned power supplies on analog devices, check my system in the profile. I don’t think I ever posted about analog cables either.

Digital however, the burden of proof is on those making fantastical claims and, again, Bayesian probability applies. I don’t need to prove that I will not fly if I jump off a roof because prior evidence is sufficient

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Maybe you are not perusing the right threads?
Lots of actual music and artist discussion and friendly banter exists in the various monthly music threads.
Without any snide or combative posts.


I have had so many posts flagged that I am now a lurker. It has been made clear to me that my thoughts are not very welcome.


FWIW I left the Naim forum more or less because of constant insisting that it should not be allowed to question what is essentially antivaxxer logic. I regret it because it was otherwise a place I greatly enjoyed.


See, you cant help yourself.

Its audio, nobody’s ending up on a ventilator if they buy a Chord ethernet cable (I personally swear by Blue Jeans Cat6a myself, but don’t deny I’ve heard differences between digital cables, for better or worse, just feel no need to spend my $ that way). So stop with the veiled insinuations and insults, please, no matter if you feel you and the science are right. It’s just not a good look.

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Perhaps. The subject headers are usually so generic that I haven’t looked at many.

What I am more interested in are matters of user experience— how do people revisit or reexamine music they love? Did a new version or format change their mind about something they thought they knew about. Not so much because of improved systems (though that is often a factor) but rather how did they change in between listens.

Experience matters. I’m a relatively new Roon user and I find it very generic/corporate with little room to accommodate customization. I hope that changes, but knowing how people use the tools at hand with the artists they love is far more interesting than simply talking tech about equipment or software.