The system won't play

After using Roon happily for several days, this morning Roon appeared to begin to play, showing the pause button and showing the music bars moving up and down, but the timeline didn’t advance.

I switched things on and off in the general ‘just reboot it all’ fashion of computers, and things got going again.

But later, I had a play with an instal of Airfoil to see if I could get other programs to play into the AVR via Airplay, and managed to get Spotify working, albeit after Roon it didn’t sound much good. The purpose was to see if I could get VLC going this way, to get video as well as sound, but VLC didn’t want to play ball.

After this, Roon sulked again. So I uninstalled AirFoil, rebooted, and tried Roon again. It’s still sulking.

It’s easy to imagine that somehow I’ve screwed the networking up, but everything seems as it did before, and this sulking did begin before I played around. So, what to do?

System: Windows 7 PC, Marantz SR6009 AVR, direct network cables to each. Latest stable build of Roon.

For now, sadly, back to Spotify :frowning:

Maybe remove the reciever as an audio output from Roon’s preferences and re-add it.

I’ve tried this, I’ve uninstalled and re-installed ROON and the .NET Framework, rebooted and said abracadabra several times, all to no avail. ROON remains silent.

ROON will play to the computer’s audio devices, but not to the networked Marantz.

Spotify plays to the networked Marantz, so clearly, it’s not a Marantz / AirPlay issue.

Lets drop some flags for @mike and @vova to investigate. Hope you can be listening again soon.

OK, thanks!

Hey @Louise_Proctor – can you clarify when you’re using Airfoil, and when you installed it? Are you using Airfoil to stream Spotify to the Marantz? To stream Roon to the Marantz?

I’m going to have the guys do some testing with Airplay and Airfoil on Windows, but I want to make sure I understand your setup. Let me know and @vova and will figure this out. Thanks!

I’m not using AirFoil.

I set the system up originally using the AirPlay capability of the Marantz SR6009, networked by cable. Before then, I was using Spotify from PC via HDMI only: I networked the AVR to use Roon. It worked fine for several days, then glitched one morning, and wouldn’t play.

As an alternative then, I tried installing AirFoil to use Spotify via the network, also with a view to streaming TV. But AirFoil didn’t seem to anything, so I took it off, and then found that Spotify would stream via network anyway. better quality than HDMI connection, but the stream quality was nowhere near as good as Tidal’s, and not good enough.

I then fiddled around, switching things on and off and rebooting stuff, as you do, and Roon started to work again, for the best part of the day. And then stopped again, and has not restarted since.

I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled several times, including the database and settings, I’ve checked to make sure Spotify hasn’t stayed logged on the AVR.

More detail: on the morning Roon first failed, I’d been using it the evening before, and set it to continue playing from where it had been paused. Instead of coming on straight away, there was a delay of a few seconds, then a very short burst of music, another delay, another short burst and then nothing. As Roon had wound the AVR up to full volume, the bursts were very loud, and I was afraid that the AVR had been damaged. I was very relieved when ten minutes later i was able to play from Spotitfy.

Weird volume issues on Marantz/Denon receivers are often tied to AirPlay problems, I have experienced the same. Is the firmware on the reciever up to date?

No, being updated now…

The update didn’t help :frowning:

I think I also needed to reset the network settings on my Denon. Ariplay was a bit of a nightmare to be honest. Do you have any other way of connecting to the receiver? HDMI maybe?

The PC has no HDMI out. Previously, I used a Linux machine with HDMI and TIDAL, but did not get good sound quality: I suspect HDMI does not have a good dynamic range.

Hmm. I’m trying to work out if you could try a different output from your PC to your receiver. Do you have optical or even analogue?

The reason I’m looking at Rooney is for lossless streaming. I cannot achieve that with optical or audio outputs: I get better than that from Spotify networked and working at significantly less cost.

Yep I get that but we got a get it working first! Because AirPlay can sometimes be poorly implemented or just obstinate sometimes I feel it would be the first best thing to try and eliminate. If you have optical that will allow for as good or better lossless performance than AirPlay.

OK :smile:

My Windows PC is old, everything newer is Linux. It has only an audio out jack, plus USB 3.

Longer term I’m not a verse to speccing a computer or a sound card upgrade for this task, but I cannot do it just yet.

Is USB feasible ? The Marantz SR6009 has a USB port that can accept streaming files.

The Marantz manual says “It is not possible to use this unit by connecting the unit’s USB port to a PC via a USB cable”